Ladies Writing Desk

size: 40" long X 22" wide x 48" high

This small desk is made predominantly of spalted, weathered maple with a few yellow birch bark and twig accents.  The writing surface is "Au Sable Green" granite and the drawer bottoms are red cedar.  All the structural joinery is hand cut and chiseled, fully housed, wedged mortise and tenon.  The piece is backed with salvaged 125 year old wainscoting of unknown species.

Spalted maple legs have a naturally aged patina caused by the onset of decay.  As the wood dries the decay stops without weakening the wood.  The tenons on the rails protrude through the legs and are wedged with cherry for the strongest possible joint.  Similar joinery is used on the drawer fronts while the back of the drawers are hand dovetailed.  The hidden drawer is dovetailed all around.  Adjustable bookends in three places create easy storage for your books.

This piece is finished with 3 or 4 coats of hand rubbed tung oil mixed
with equal parts of linseed oil and mineral spirits.

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