Black Walnut Coffee Table
with secret compartment

Great curved beautiful bookmatched black walnut slabs create this tabletop.  They are brought together with a half-lap on each end then pinned with walnut pegs.  Well placed oak butterfly keys are set in just at the edge of the center opening to stablize and accentuate the seam.  The base is black walnut as well and maple rails give it some contrast.  A small walnut shelf is inset into the rails.

The legs are decorated with the diamond pattern birch bark inlays with 1/4 twig trim.  It is joined with mortise and thru tenon joints.  This table also contains 2 secret compartments.  One of them is a drawer made of curly maple and walnut with dovetailed corners and lined with birch bark.  It measures a mere 4" by 8".  The other compartment is a removable box hidden in the skirt.  The entire table measures about  30" W. by 60" L. by 19" H. and is finished in multiple layers of oil.

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